5 Non-Flower Arrangements Ideas for the Modern Wedding

Endswell is about being bold and simple in style so it comes as no surprise that we are looking to green flora for inspiration. We put bright colored blooms aside and focused on the minimal, textual qualities, and muted colors of plants.


1. Palms by Meta Flora, NYC
We are no strangers to palms, living in Florida. Not only are they everywhere in the Sunshine State, we are big fans of having them in our home. So many different species of palms make great effortless decor within homes, why not bring it into a wedding setting? These arrangements by Marisa Competello of  Meta Flora NYC are changing the florist game. Her distinctive style is inspired by traditional ikebana. The different shapes and forms of the palms make for great minimal and graphic centerpieces.

2. Succulents by  Plant The Future, Miami
Who doesn’t love a good cactus? It seems succulents are slowing making their way into wedding decor but Plant The Future’s designs really take the cake. Succulents make a lot of sense to use as decor because they are long-lasting plants that you can keep way after your wedding day.

3. Aloe by Birch, San Francisco

Although Birch is mostly known for their flower arrangements, we have found some plant-based ones like these Aloe arrangements that are equally as stunning. Birch is known for their minimalist sculptural style and has done work for many established brands like Alexander Wang, Yves Saint Laurent, and Acne Studios. 

4. Olive Branches by Ariel Dearie Flowers Brooklyn, NY
Ariel Dearie Flowers specializes in florals for installations, weddings, and photoshoots. She is a New Orleans native who now resides in Brooklyn, New York. We love this Olive Branch bouquet she created for Tulle magazine. Olive Branches give a cool and minimalist vibe to a wedding look. 

5. Banksia + Palms , Loose Leaf, Melbourne, AU
How amazing would it be to have a jungle of plants hanging above you?  If you are getting married in Melbourne, Australia this is surely the place to go to get some good greenery. We love their choice in plants (like the Austrailian wildflower, Banksia) and design. Loose Leaf is run by partners Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler bringing floristry, horticulture, and design together in their works. 

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